Frequently asked questions

Contacting customer service

Get in touch on angelique@joyabooks.com. I will respond within 4 hours from Monday to Friday.

Book Selection

What kinds of books are selected by Joya Books?
I pick the best of contemporary books with engaging stories, lively characters and breathless pace.

The quarterly book subscription includes titles that have received a warm welcome in their native countries. A book chosen by the author will accompany it.

Both books are paperback size 

What if I’ve already read the book?

Great question! Each book is picked because it’s gone under the radar, so the chances of this are slim. But if it does happen, I’d encourage you to gift the book to someone special. And dive into the surprise book instead!


I don’t know you, why should I trust your recommendations?

Every book box is created by me, Angélique, with a little help from some authors along the way. I’ve spent my entire life in and amongst stories, from working in the publishing world to my current career as a translator.

Books have always been a part of my life, even when I’ve moved from one continent to another. The stories come with me. So picking a hidden gem for you to read? It’s one of my favorite things to do.


What if I don’t like the books?

Although this is a book box subscription, in some ways it’s a virtual book club. You’ll be invited to join the Joya Books Facebook community, as well as share your feedback each season via email. I’d love to hear what you love and what you’d like to change.

So I can tailor the books to meet your interests as much as possible! And who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with a book that you’d never normally have picked up off the shelf.


Can I skip subscriptions sometimes?

Of course! You’re welcome to pause (or cancel) your subscription at any time.


How does the subscription work?

When you sign up for the book subscription, you will pay 35€ (for the english box) or 39€ (for the French box) + shipping per box each quarter (March, June, September, December). Your subscription automatically renews each 1st of the shipping month unless you decide to pause or cancel before your upcoming bill date. Books will then be sent in the first half of the month.

The first box is sent straight away, so you should receive it within 3-5 days.

I have been charged twice within a few days, what happened?

The moment you sign up for the subscription, we charge you for the first box. If you subscribed close to the renewal date (1stof March, June, September or December), then you will be charged twice in a short amount of time. Let’s take an example:

You subscribe on the 22nd of August: you are charged on the 22nd of August and you receive the first box within 3-5 days. On the 1stof September, the subscription kicks off, you are therefore charged on that day too. You will receive the book in the first half of the shipping month.

Subsequent subscriptions will be charged on the 1st of December, March, June, September

Gifting options

Can I purchase a gift card?
For the moment, gift cards are not available on Joya Books. However, you can pick any of the one-time boxes or a subscription to gift it to someone you love.

I gift a box, a coffret or a subscription, can I add a personal message?
Yes! At checkout you will be able to enter your personal message.

Using Coupon

I have a coupon, how can I use it?
When you are ready to pay, enter the code in the coupon field. Don’t forget to validate!


I forgot to enter the coupon before paying, what can I do?
Unfortunately, once the payment is confirmed, we can’t add the coupon anymore.


Shipping and delivery

Where do you ship to?
Joya Books delivers everywhere in Europe :

4 € : Netherlands
6 € : France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic
12 € : Rest of europe

In The netherlands, orders are delivered within 1-2 days.

In all other countries, orders are delivered within 3 – 5 days


How can I track my order?
All orders are tracked. The carrier should send the tracking email automatically. In case you haven’t received it and you are worried that it’s not arrived yet, feel free to contact me at angelique@joyabooks.com. The boxes are extremely flat they fit in your letterbox. You don’t need to be home to receive the parcel.



How long does it take to receive my order?
Usually, it takes a maximum of 5 days after the parcel has been sent.



I input the wrong address, can I change it?
If the order has not been validated yet, you can change it. Please get in touch as soon as possible on angelique@joyabooks.com.



I want to cancel my purchase, is it possible?
Unfortunately, you are unable to cancel your purchase.



I paid duty, will you reimburse me?
There are no duty on items send within Europe. Joya Books is not liable for any extra costs.



My order is damaged, what should I do?
We take great care to protect the books, however, these things can happen. Please get in touch with a photo of the damaged books on angelique@joyabooks.com so we can discuss a suitable solution.