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100% Murder Mystery


Cosy Crime, Murder Mystery and Psychological Thriller

Trust a published author to pick your next best read

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Joya Book Box · Contemporary Fiction
(in English)

Make your next read a surprise. And take yourself on a new literary adventure, with a Joya book box delivered to your door every three months.

What’s included in your book box?
  • Two fiction books, handpicked for you
  • The main book is chosen for its creative plot, compelling voice and complex characters
  • The second book is picked by the main book’s author. They share their favourite title, and it’s added to your book box to surprise you with something new
  • A little treat for you to enjoy whilst getting lost in the story. From luxurious hot chocolate to independent tea brands, every goodie is handpicked to bring a touch of seasonal comfort to your day

Quarterly Subscription. No Commitment. Pause or cancel your subscription in 1 click

39 €* / box

Box 100% Murder Mystery
(in English)

A good crime fiction shouldn’t be too scary, right? With the box 100% Murder Mystery, Joya Books brings you a not-so dark-and-gritty-thriller with a good cup of tea of hot chocolate, straight to your door !

What’s included in your book box?
  • The main book is chosen for its ingenious and “cosy” plot
  • The second book is picked by the main book’s author. They share their favourite title, and it’s added to your book box to surprise you with something new
  • A little treat to enjoy whilst getting lost in the story. From luxurious hot chocolate to independent tea brands
  • A bookmark and a card that explains the author’s choice.


Quarterly Subscription. No Commitment. Pause or cancel your subscription in 1 click

39 €* / box

*Excluding shipping costs. From 4 euros.
Delivery everywhere in Europe. Check the costs here.

How does it work?

    1. Your first book box is sent straight away. So when you place that order, you can start watching your letterbox ready for it to arrive!
    2. After that, your book box subscriptions are sent quarterly. So you’ll have two new books to read every season.
    3. You are free to cancel or skip your book box subscription at any time.

How do you choose your books? 

For most of us, there’s a lot of luck and hope involved. 

When you live abroad, finding the right book isn’t always easy. Your nearest English bookstore is hard to find. And the shelves are filled with the same mainstream books, over and over again.

Say goodbye to algorithms automatically suggesting similar books… 

…and hello to handpicked recommendations, straight from the authors themselves

Here’s the joyful way to fill up your to be read pile

Just six minutes of reading each day can reduce your stress levels by 60%. Your heart rate, muscle tension and your state of mind all start to relax. 

As you turn each page, you slowly start to unwind. You get lost in the magic of the words inside and enter a whole new world.

But to do all that, to feel that joy… you need a good book.

Now you can find your next great read. And surprise yourself with a hidden gem

Discover something new. With two books delivered to your door every three months. One is handpicked by me, Angélique. The other is selected by the author.

You’ll have plenty of time to read any other books you’ve got sitting on your pile. Whilst feeling comforted by the knowledge that you’ve got two unexpected titles from the world of contemporary fiction on their way to you, every single season.

Your first book is picked. It’s always unique and always a surprise.

So you can feel that festive moment of joy when you open up your book box. Even when you think you’ve already read everything!

Your second book is selected. This is always a recommendation from the author of the first.

And yes, it’s a surprise too! 

You’ll get to discover an author’s inspiration, and possibly a whole new genre too.

Both books are carefully wrapped and tucked inside your book box.

Ready to be delivered directly to your door each season.

You’ll be sent a tracking link as soon as they’re dispatched, so you can watch your book box on its way to you!

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The concept is great. I was very happy to receive my package with the surprise book! The parcel came ultra-fast with tracking. Everything was perfect, with special details in the package.

Anaïs, a reader of Sisters by Daisy Johnson

Joya Books is great, very interesting and nicely wrapped. Designed with care and of high quality, I gifted this subscription for mother’s day and my mum was super happy about it.

Alice, spoiled her mum with Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson

The surprise books are really great reads. Good idea!

Marie-France, an avid reader of Sisters and Rules for Perfect Murders

I received a very nice book box. Wrapped with great care. Fast delivery.

Alisée, reader who loved Sisters by Daisy Johnson

Quick delivery, glorious wrapping, books that really appeal to me and off the beaten tracks and good quality additional items. Thanks!

Corentine, a reader of Sisters by Daisy Johnson

I ordered a book box from Joya Books and I was not disappointed! I’m already half way through the first book and can’t wait to get on the second. The personalisation of the box was lovely and the contents were beautifully wrapped.

Lizzie, an enthusiastic reader of Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson


I love everything in this concept. The engaging stories, the small attention to detail with the bookmark, the plantable confettis and the herbal teabags: a real moment of relaxation. I highly recommend it.

La minute d’Emy, a reader & blogger

It’s a bit like receiving advice from a friend who would also be an author. An invitation to open the doors of his or her world, somewhere in between its own novel and the one he has chosen for you.

Birds & Bicycles, spotter of beautiful things

Who has never felt sad after finishing an extremely great book? This box is a way to cope with the sadness and get directly into another book that is different enough not to get boring but similar enough to make you continue the reading session as if it had never really stopped.

The English speaking frenchie, a French reader in English & bookseller

Angélique designed a box with her literary crush in contemporary literature and then asked authors of those novel to pick a book they like. This way, we start with what gripped Joya Books’ founder and we finish with what moved the author.

Lettres et caractères, a reader who does not mince her words

If any of these sound familiar, then the Joya book box is for you…

✓ You want to read in English and are living anywhere in Europe

✓ You know just how joyful a good book can be and you want more of that in your life

✓ You’re a keen reader but sometimes struggle to decide what to read next

✓You like to be surprised by unexpected books and discover new authors

✓You’re looking to read more contemporary fiction and want to step outside the bestseller lists to find some hidden gems

Discover the joy of two unexpected books arriving in your letterbox every season. Hand-picked by a fellow book lover (and not a corporate algorithm)

It’s like the bookstore you wish you had, delivered to your home

“I don’t know you, why should I trust your recommendations?” 

Every book box is created by me, Angélique, with a little help from some authors along the way. I’ve spent my entire life in and amongst stories, from working in the publishing world to my current career as a translator.

Books have always been a part of my life, even when I’ve moved from one continent to another. The stories come with me. So picking a hidden gem for you to read? It’s one of my favourite things to do.

“What if I don’t like the books?”

Although this is a book box subscription, in some ways it’s a virtual book club. You’ll be invited to join the Joya Books Facebook community, as well as share your feedback each season via email.

I’d love to hear what you love and what you’d like to change. So I can tailor the books to meet your interests as much as possible! And who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with a book that you’d never normally have picked up off the shelf. 

“Can I skip subscriptions sometimes?”

Of course! You’re welcome to pause (or cancel) your subscription at any time.

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Discover the joy of a surprise book box in the mail every season

Give yourself (or a loved one) the gift of reading something new

Get a new unexpected book to read

Bring more reading time back into your life

Connect with a community of people just like you, English speakers living overseas

Get the book lover’s secrets to finding your next best read

The best books are hiding in the most unexpected places. And they’re waiting for you to find them. This is how.

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