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Find your next best read

By having a published author pick it for you

100% Murder Mystery


Cosy Crime, Murder Mystery and Psychological Thriller

Trust a published author to pick your next best read

What if your next great read was a total surprise?

When you’re living overseas, finding good books in english is tricky. Most of the time, you’ve seen them all before.

You’re craving something new. Something different. You know there are plenty of hidden gems out there. Except… there’s one problem. They’re hard to find.

The convenience of your personal bookshop, delivered straight to your door

Have your next novel handpicked by a published author. And discover something unexpected

Choosing your next book shouldn’t have to be hard. It should be filled with joy.

We’ve curated the hidden gems of the literary world. Every single book is picked by hand. Rather than an algorithm selecting books that are similar, it’s the authors who share their recommendations.

Winter Box

The flawless and short novel Red at the bone by Jacqueline Woodson. Set in Brooklyn, it shows love, empathy, resentment and tragedy under a new light

Her literary crush, beautifully wrapped

A piece of chocolate from Raaka, a brooklyn based chocolate factory

A bag of herbal tea by an organic french brand

A bookmark and a matching card that explains the choice of the author

A new type of book recommendation

Bonjour! I’m Angélique. A book lover who just so happens to live overseas. 

I created Joya Books to share the joy of reading with you. So you can discover unique and original voices from the world of fiction, even when you’re living in a country far from home.

 Every book is handpicked by me, before being wrapped and delivered to your door with the author’s favourite read tucked inside. You’re in for a joyful experience!

Get the book lover’s secrets to finding your next best read

The best books are hiding in the most unexpected places. And they’re waiting for you to find them. This is how.

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“Great concept. I was very happy with my surprise book!”

The concept is great. I was very happy to receive my package with the surprise book! The parcel came ultra-fast with tracking. Everything was perfect, with special details in the package. I will repeat the experience, thank you.



I look forward to reading these two books 😀


The surprise books are really great reads. Good idea!


Make your next read a surprise. 

And take yourself on a new literary adventure

Your first book is picked. It’s always unique and always a surprise.

So you can feel that festive moment of joy when you open up your book box. Even when you think you’ve already read everything!

Your second book is selected. This is always a recommendation from the author of the first.

And yes, it’s a surprise too! 

You’ll get to discover an author’s inspiration, and possibly a whole new genre too.

Both books are carefully wrapped and tucked inside your book box.

Ready to be delivered directly to your door each season.

You’ll be sent a tracking link as soon as they’re dispatched, so you can watch your book box on its way to you!

And you? What books do you recommend?

I’d love to hear from you. Discussing and sharing your favourite books is such a joyful part of the literary journey.

Whether you want to discuss our best books or share some of yours, there’s an email address waiting just for you.

Come and say hello! angelique@joyabooks.com